Farmer’s Wife Phenomenon

In the process of curating my quilt article site, I came across a number of blog posts about the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Along. Intruiged, I decided to Google Farmer’s Wife Quilt. Lo and behold, I found a very interesting event going on in the blogosphere.

Two quilters named Amanda and Jessica have started an e-quilt along. People are using the pattern Farmer’s Wife Quilt. Amanda and Jessica have challenged everyone to create 2 blocks each week. There are 111 blocks in the quilt total. In about a year, each quilter will have a queen sized quilt.

I love so many things about this:

  • The use of the internet for community to join in and share.
  • The wonderful and creative photos that people are posting as they complete their blocks.
  • The stories of people’s lives as they attempt to keep up with the schedule.
  • The entire idea of having a worldwide quilt along. It’s like a virtual sewing bee.

There is even a Yahoo group for this quilt along. The group is run by someone in Australia. Go figure.

The Farmer’s Wife Quilt is not a style of quilting that I would normally use for my own quilts. And the fabrics that most folks are using in their blocks are not the types of fabrics I normally use. However, I am seriously thinking about joining in. I’m sure it will be completely impossible for me to keep to the schedule. But, perhaps that’s the point. If I don’t have a schedule to keep to, I don’t make the time to quilt. Thinking….

Here are some links to blogs for people participating in this quilt challenge:

Laurie’s blog: (Laurie is the author of the pattern, by the way.)

Flickr group hosted by Amanda and Angela:

Amanda’s blog:

Angela’s blog:

Stephanie’s blog:

Pam’s blog:

Katy’s blog:

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