I See the Motion

I’m here in Maui on vacation with a number of families. We vacation together every summer. Last year, we went to Yosemite. The year before, Mendocino. This year, Maui.

I’m here with my husband and son, Max. My friends wanted to see my quilt blog, so I showed it to them this evening. I scrolled around my gallery wall (have you played with it? It’s awfully cool to get the photos to move around) and they were really impressed. I was flattered.


One friend is an artist. She paints the most beautiful pictures. I  particularly like her flowers. Just gorgeous. She was looking at one of my photos and was discussing the motion she sees in it. It really has her thinking about creating something with motion. I think she wants to design a quilt, perhaps by making a painting, and then she wants me to create a quilt from it.

Far more fun than that, though, would be to create the quilt with her. I much prefer to quilt with a friend. If it comes to something, I’ll let you know.

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