Taking the Plunge!

Okay! I am taking the plunge. I ordered the Farmer’s Wife Quilt Sampler book and it is waiting for me to pick it up at Barnes & Noble today! One thing I don’t get is why it is about $10 more expensive to pick it up at the store than to have it shipped to me. Afterall, they were offering free shipping and I’m saving them that money. Plus, you’d think they’d want people to go to the store – that way, customers are more likely to buy additional books. Color me confused.

I have joined the Yahoo group. I have engaged in discussions on My Quilting Place. I have looked at Flickr (I think I need to join that, too). I’ve seen some beautiful fabrics being used by others…And I think I’m ready! As Greg says, at minimum it will give me a reason to go into my sewing room every week and make something.

I’m hoping to locate the foundation paper patterns, as I really don’t like quilting with templates. I’d rather strip piece or use foundation papers. And I’m probably going to need to create a pallet to work from first. Otherwise, who knows how this quilt will end up. I think I’ll use the same color shading methodology that I used for Wine Country Cabin. That quilt has an interesting pallet and one of the things I like best about it is that I used dozens and dozens of different fabrics, all in the pallet.

I’m so excited to pick up the book today!

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