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Wow. Have you looked at Pinterest? For a fabric and yarn junkie like me, there is a ton and then some of inspiration out there. I have started a few boards of my own. One is called She Who Dies With The Most Fabric Wins (which is also what my page is called) and the other is Knit One Purl One. I bet you can tell what types of photos go on which board.

Here is what I love about Pinterest:

  • Variety of amazing photos
  • Ability to search for just about anything I can think of
  • Excitement of seeing stuff I’ve pinned re-pinned by other people
  • Reading comments on my pins made by people who I don’t know
  • Learning about other blogs and website – especially the ones with tutorials and instructions
  • Feeling like a part of a community of crafters

Here is what I’d like to see improved:

  • Grouping what I am VIEWING (not just what I am posting). I see a big mish-mash of all of the people and boards that I follow. I’d like to be able to see JUST my quilt follows or JUST my knitting follows
  • Some way to post a message to a fellow pinner who either is following me or I want to follow
  • Some way, other than simply typing it in, to say, “I didn’t make this piece” or “I made this”. Sometimes when I’m repinning I have little idea who made something. That makes me feel a little uncomfortable, because I don’t want people to think I’m as good as those others.

What strikes me most about the things I see is the quality of what gets pinned. Rarely do I see work that doesn’t impress me. I am simultaneously inspired and slightly depressed. But, always, it makes me want to sew or knit.

If you join Pinterest, please look for me. And then post some beautiful pins and I will follow you, too!

Knitting Frenzy

It’s been a while since I posted. And up until today, it had been a while since I qulited. Instead, I have been knitting knitting knitting!

Way back when, when Maddie was a baby (so that’s about 19 years ago), I used to knit a lot. I knit all sorts of baby clothes for her and for my nephews, too. After a while, though, my arms couldn’t take the repetitive stress. Between knitting and typing and the occasional foray on the piano, I just couldn’t do it anymore. That’s when I switched to quilting and started driving with my foot.

For many years I didn’t touch a knitting needle, except to teach Max how to knit. He turned out to be a very good knitter! But, even just showing him how to knit made my arms hurt.

A few weeks ago, the Biffle and I were walking through downtown Los Gatos, and we walked right past the Very Knit Shop. I have been in the shop a few times to get yarn for couching on my quilts. They have gorgeous yarns there. So, the Biffle and I go upstairs to the shop…and somehow we both decide we are going to try knitting again. In fact, we decide that we will knit each other a scarf for Hanukkah. Here is a picture of the scarf I made for the Biffle, it is my first scarf in a very long time:

So, then I was on a roll. I made the same scarf in a different color for Greg. I don’t have a photo of it yet, but I will. Then I made a scarf in a pattern from Ravelry for Phil (the hubby Biffle):

And Phil wearing the scarf:

Then I got tired of scarves and moved on to hats. I made one for Maddie and one for Max using the same pattern:

And here I am modeling its supreme slouchiness:

And then I decided to get really fancy and make this cool slouchy beret for myself:

And Allie looks just great in it!