FWS Block #1 Finally Done!

After many trials and tribulations on what should have been a VERY simple block, I decided to make it easier on myself. Rather than working with border fabric, I just picked a few fabrics and used the paper foundation template for the block. Here is the result:


Block 1: Attic Windows

The most interesting thing is that the block is now backwards. If you look at my previous post, with my rejected block 1, you can see that the fabrics lie on opposite sides. The reason for this difference has to do with the way you use the paper piecing technique. Using paper piecing, you sew on the front of the page, but the fabric is on the rear of the page. Hence, the pattern gets flipped around.

Carol Doak is the queen of foundation piecing. Click here for her website. Here are some other resources for more information on this excellent and super accurate technique:

I also completed block #88 today. More on that when I get a photo of it.

2 responses to “FWS Block #1 Finally Done!

  1. A very nice block!

  2. Thanks, Karen! I cannot believe how long it took me to get this one right!

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