Nothing’s New…

So, I have to wonder how these quilt-alongs work. I thought that every week, the person leading the quilt-along tells the participants which block(s) to complete that week. Then, we all complete the block(s), post pictures, share tips, answer questions and basically act like we’re doing this “along”.

Well, I’m stil waiting to know what block(s) we were doing for last week. Yep. I look at the group email every day. And every day I look for the block of the week. And every day nothing.

I could just go on and work my way through the blocks. But, I might as well do that alone.

So much for quilting along.

One response to “Nothing’s New…

  1. Sorry that this isn’t following the plan of record. My Mom’s quilting group sort of has it’s dips in the summer because of so many of the ladies travelling on vacations. Maybe it is the case here, too?

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