Trying to Catch Up?

Well, I finally found out which two blocks were supposed to be completed for this week’s Block of the Week. Part of the fun of doing a quilt-along is when everyone works on the same blocks at the same time. That way, if you have a problem, run into a glitch, or have something interesting to share, everyone is working on the same thing. Also, it means that at the end of the week, everyone shares their interpretation of the block.

Until this week, I could not figure out which blocks we were supposed to do. It was a little frustrating, but rather than dwell on frustration, I just started with Block #1 and kept going. Afterall, if I get frustrated when I’m quilting, there is no bastian of peace left!!

This week we were to complete two blocks: Contrary Wife (who makes up these stupid names?) and Butterfly at the Crossroads (which I prefer to call Butterfly @ Crossroads because it is so much more 21st century). These blocks weren’t particularly challenging because I didn’t do anything fancy with the fabric.

Block #14: Butterfly @ the Crossroads

Butterfly at the Crossroads presented a bit of a challenge in getting the points to all line up. I’m trying to use a scant 1/4″ seam allowance – which means I’m actually eye-balling it next to my 1/4″ presser foot. When I just used the presser foot as the seam allowance, the block really ended up too small and out of shape. Consequently, it is hard to get precision when eyeballing measurements.

Block #21: Contrary Wife

Max selected the fabrics for this block. Pink, olive, and dark brown. I didn’t know if they’d work together, but they look great. In fact, these are the colors that Jinny Beyer once selected for me when I took a class at one of her conferences. This block was super easy and came together well.

I have asked the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Yahoo Group for a history of which blocks have already been assigned, so I can really catch up. In fact, I’ve asked three times now. Maybe someone will answer my latest request. Until then, I’ll just move on to the next block in the book.

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