Knitting Frenzy

It’s been a while since I posted. And up until today, it had been a while since I qulited. Instead, I have been knitting knitting knitting!

Way back when, when Maddie was a baby (so that’s about 19 years ago), I used to knit a lot. I knit all sorts of baby clothes for her and for my nephews, too. After a while, though, my arms couldn’t take the repetitive stress. Between knitting and typing and the occasional foray on the piano, I just couldn’t do it anymore. That’s when I switched to quilting and started driving with my foot.

For many years I didn’t touch a knitting needle, except to teach Max how to knit. He turned out to be a very good knitter! But, even just showing him how to knit made my arms hurt.

A few weeks ago, the Biffle and I were walking through downtown Los Gatos, and we walked right past the Very Knit Shop. I have been in the shop a few times to get yarn for couching on my quilts. They have gorgeous yarns there. So, the Biffle and I go upstairs to the shop…and somehow we both decide we are going to try knitting again. In fact, we decide that we will knit each other a scarf for Hanukkah. Here is a picture of the scarf I made for the Biffle, it is my first scarf in a very long time:

So, then I was on a roll. I made the same scarf in a different color for Greg. I don’t have a photo of it yet, but I will. Then I made a scarf in a pattern from Ravelry for Phil (the hubby Biffle):

And Phil wearing the scarf:

Then I got tired of scarves and moved on to hats. I made one for Maddie and one for Max using the same pattern:

And here I am modeling its supreme slouchiness:

And then I decided to get really fancy and make this cool slouchy beret for myself:

And Allie looks just great in it!

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