The Quilt that “Made It”

As you probably noticed, I love using Kaffe Fassett fabric. The colors are amazing and the designs are even better. There are three fabric designers who work in the Kaffe Fassett Collective: Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs.

Philip Jacobs designs amazing florals and other nature-based prints. He is my all-time favorite. I’m like a fan girl of his fabric.

In this quilt, I took a bunch (I mean a lot) of different fabrics and fussy cut the flowers and leaves. Fussy cutting is when you painstakingly select and cut specific areas of a fabric. It’s very fussy.

So I fussy cut lots of flowers and then I started putting them up on my design wall.

I was really enjoying how the prints were coming together. But, then I realized I had left out a critical step – fusing the fusible web onto the back of the fabric. Fusible web is like glue. You iron it on to the back of fabric and then the fabric sticks to pretty much anything else that you press it on to.

So, I had to take all of the pieces down and start over. I couldn’t quite get it to come together exactly the same way. But I kept going anyway.

When I reached the edges of my backing, I was done.

Then I took then entire piece and put it on a big piece of wood. It was actually an old door. I put the whole thing on my craft table and steamed the heck out of the prints. I pressed and steamed and pressed and steamed until all of the fabrics were secure.

At this point, I was feeling pretty good about the quilt. So, I took the photo and I posted it to a Facebook group that is for people who love Kaffe Fassett fabric. It’s a very supportive group and I got a lot of nice compliments.

Then, who should comment but Philip Jacobs, himself! He loves this quilt. In fact, you can see what he said:

Oh my goodness! Philip Jacobs was going to design a fabric based on my quilt? This is definitely the crowning moment of my quilting career! A few months later, Philip posted about the design he was starting based on my quilt:

And, now, here it is! The fabric that Philip created, inspired by my quilt:

He says it will be available in shops later in the year. And I cannot wait!

Of course, it would be grand if he or Jaftex (the fabric company) would send me a bolt…all things considered. Regardless, it is such an honor to have my work serve as an inspiration for my favorite fabric designer. Swoon!!

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